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Zoot Tube – Gun Metal


Zoot Grind – Gun Metal Aluminium 4 Piece

Gun Metal Zoot Grinder

Zoot Grind – Sky Blue Ceramic 4 piece

This 4 piece aluminum grinder with its non-stick ceramic coating features all the bells & whistles.

– Non-stick ceramic coating
– Curved teeth for efficient shredding
– Magnetic closure
– Fine pollen screen with a scraper

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If you were looking for a grinder that delivers, the Zoot Grinder is exactly what you want! And now this one is Sky Blue!

For those who think that going sky blue isn’t their style, we can recommend that you look at the Black Zoot Grinder.

Let’s get into why this is the classy, sophisticated, exclusive, and stylish grinder for you!

Blue Zoot Grinder Basics

We machine all the pieces of this grinder from amazing quality aluminium. Making it automatically tougher and more premium than the plastic versions.

It’s also covered by a non-stick ceramic spray. So, no more losing those little bits of cannabis between the grinder’s teeth.

As the name suggests this is a four-piece grinder, which according to a reviewer, makes it the:

“Best I’ve used. And also great for storage.”
– Bob, March 3, 2020

Thanks Bob! Yes, you can store some of that bud in this grinder.

And there’s still more!

More About This Grinder!

As we mentioned, it is covered in a non-stick ceramic coating, but we’ve also ensured that the Zoot Grinder’s teeth are curved. This means that
you can efficiently shred your marijuana. There’s nothing worse than putting in the grind and getting nothing out.

In addition, you want your sticky icky ground up nicely so you can put it in your dry herb vape. If you don’t own a dry herb vape, you should get one, along with our entire all-in-one smoke kit!

After all, we had another client say,

“Quality item. Well made and fits perfectly into the Zoot case. Love it.”
– Don, May 30, 2020

Words to live by! Thanks Don!

But the Zoot Grinder still offers an amazing magnetic closure. Which if you’re like us, will keep you entertained for days!
Just allowing it to automatically snap into place like magic!

And finally, the Zoot Sky Blue Grinder comes with a fine pollen screen with a scraper.
Which means you’ll be getting every bit of your plant back!

For those who’ve grown their stash from seed, this is important.

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