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Simba Seeds Big Bud – Autoflower

If there’s a strain with a story that embodies the international cannabis market, it’s Big Bud. Originally it was bred in the USA during the 80s, but due to the War on Drugs, it was smuggled out of the country in clone form to the Netherlands.

When it arrived the marjiuana world embraced it as their own and Big Bud is a commercial crop enjoyed by the world.

Now, you can also enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

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Simba Seeds’ Big Bud Genetics

An indica based hybrid, this strain’s lineage is part Skunk No.1, part Afghani and also includes some Northern Lights. The THC content is high for this strain, some yields have results between 15%-20%.

As a strain that’s been around since the 80s, there are loads of nostalgic smokers who will be wanting to enjoy a few puffs.

Simba Seeds’ Big Bud Grow Time

A concern with Big Bud is that their flowers tend to snap their own branches. You may want to ensure that flowers have a support system in place.

Also, it is a fast bloomer when compared to other indica strains, growers can expect a growing period of around 11 weeks.

And as the name indicates, the buds are big. The chunky buds are also very resinous, which makes them difficult to break apart by hand as they are extremely sticky.

Another factor to consider is that the size of the bud will affect drying and curing times.

Simba Seeds’ Big Bud Taste and High Profile

The aromas for Big Bud are said to be strong earthy tones, with a pitch of fruitiness.
The high is a lazy one, with most smokers recommending a comfy couch, as you’re bound to get locked in.

It is strongly recommended that you remember a little goes a long way with Big Bud, and those who are newbies should adjust accordingly.

If you’re looking for a challenging grow, try growing Simba Seeds’ Big Bud strain.

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